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Postby jsalpha2 » 07 Oct 2017 19:05

I have been playing around with several BSD distros. There was once an Ubuntu-BSD and there still is a DebiankfreeBSD. I have both installed in virtualbox. Wondering if I added SolydX64 repositories to one of them and ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade what would happen.

A) not boot
B) replace the bsd kernel with the linux one
C) work
D) Computer would grow legs and run screaming into traffic.

Not sure what the advantage of having a BSD kernel would be. I just get strange ideas some times. Thanks
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Re: Solyd-BSD

Postby kurotsugi » 09 Oct 2017 00:05

theorically, as long as you didn't change the architecture the system would be fine. the problem is that solydxk only use amd64 and i386 architecture so it's not possible. even if you add solydxk repo, apt will ignore it.

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