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aaphoto - automatic photo adjusting

Postby puls88 » 03 Mar 2013 15:36

This is one of those programs that must always be kept at hand, really useful and complete fast. The name of this program that is in the repository is aaphoto, and allows you to automatically improve the color of all the photos in a particular folder, as well as resize, rotate, etc.. etc. ..

Supported options are as follows:

Code: Select all

    -h   --help          Print this help
    -v   --version       Print version information
    -a   --autoadjust    Auto adjust the colors of the image
    -o   --output        Set output directory
         --overwrite     Overwrite mode, the original source file is replaced
         --jpg           JPEG image output
         --jp2           JPEG 2000 image output
         --png           PNG image output with alpha channel support
         --bmp           BMP image output
    -r   --resize        Resize image taking the longer side in % or pixels
         --rotate90      Rotate image with 90 degrees clockwise
         --rotate180     Rotate image with 180 degrees
         --rotate270     Rotate image with 90 degrees counter-clockwise
         --flipx         Mirror image horizontally
         --flipy         Mirror image vertically
         --noexif        Save image without EXIF info
    -q   --quality       Set image quality from 1 to 100
    -t   --threads       Set number of working threads (default: autodetect)
    -s   --silent        Silent mode, no information printed during operation
         --quiet         ...same as above
    -V   --verbose       Print verbose information about processing
         --test          Print detailed test information into image

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$ aaphoto -a -q85 *jpg

$ aaphoto -a -r600 -q85 *jpg

$ aaphoto -a --rotate90 -r70% -q 100 -o /nuova_cartella *.jpg
Link: http://log69.com/aaphoto_en.html
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