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Facebook Video playback issue

Posted: 09 Aug 2015 14:10
by xendistar
As the title says this is related to Facebook so if you have a passionate dislike for Facebook look away now.

I am running SolydX 64bit EE edition, I am running Firefox 39.

If somebody posts a video on Facebook I can't play it on the same tab as the main Facebook is on. What is supposed to happen when you click on the video is that a small sub window will open with the post and any comments and the video is supposed to play in the sub window, but mine just sits there displays all the comments but looks as if it is still loading the video but never actually plays anything.

If I right click on the video (on the main facebook page) and select open in new tab, the post will open in a new facebook tab and the video will play quite happily.

If the post on Facebook relates to a separate web page then there is no issue.

The non playing issue seems to affect mainly those video hosted by Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo videos seem to be alright.

ANy thoughts where I should look for this issue??