sudo root trouble

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sudo root trouble

Postby freedom » 12 Mar 2017 19:26

Hello all!

I have sudo permissions and everything worked fine with that from installation until now.
Well, you could say it works still but not in the way that is expected.
Recently I have changed my user password.
Now, some programs that I start with elevated privileges works with new password but some for some reasons does not
and old password still works with them.
The left one is, for example, synaptic started from the launcher menu
and the left one is synaptic started from command line with <kdesudo synaptic>
Left one work with old user password and the right one with new user password.
What's the catch? :(

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Re: sudo root trouble

Postby grizzler » 12 Mar 2017 19:35

One uses the root password (su/gksu) and the other the user's (sudo/gksudo/kdesudo).

When the system is installed, both passwords get the same value. If you change the user password later, the root password isn't changed.

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Re: sudo root trouble

Postby ilu » 12 Mar 2017 19:43

You changed the user password but not the root password. Those apps that need the root password still need the old one.

Solution: Change the root password too. You seem to be using KDE. I'm not familiar with KDE. Ususally I would change the root password in terminal like this:

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sudo passwd root
Edit: Frank was quicker - again :shock:

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Re: sudo root trouble

Postby bas_otten » 12 Mar 2017 20:03

In fact, this can be implemented in a way that root's password is not needed and does not need to be changed per se. Some of the privileged menu-items are implemented with a command like 'kdesudo <applicationname>' on the General tab and others as just '<applicationname>', but on the Advanced tab is checked the 'Run as a different user' (default is root). In the first case your password will be requested (works only when member of sudo group), in the second case root's password will be requested (it behaves like su instead of sudo, as grizzler mentions). You are free to change the menu-item to behave as you expect. Right-click the Application-launcher, select 'Edit applications..'. From there navigate to System, Synaptic; on the right you will see the tabs as described. Prefix the command with kdesudo and uncheck the box 'Run as a different user' on the Advanced tab. Save the changes and see the difference in behaviour.

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Re: sudo root trouble

Postby freedom » 12 Mar 2017 20:32

Thank you all for your answers.
I figured out that it's root/sudo-user pass thing, but I thought that system is practically root-less with first created user as sudoer.
Like few other Linuxes I used.
The whole idea about SUDO is that "Nobody needs to know the root password" :)
Anyway, I think changing the root password is easiest thing to do.

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