rebuild boot menu

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rebuild boot menu

Postby albert.wagner » 03 Sep 2018 17:31

Every distro creates a new boot menu. So, when I screw up my boot, I must install a new distro to get a new boot menu. Is there an app that just builds a new menu without wasting time downloading and installing everything? I'm not giving the search engines the correct magic words.
(Grub-customizer ALWAYS screws things up)

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Arjen Balfoort
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Re: rebuild boot menu

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 04 Sep 2018 06:39

What about:

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sudo update-grub

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Re: rebuild boot menu

Postby mhwelsh » 04 Sep 2018 12:30

This is my 'procedure'

The new distro writes its own grub boot.
With luck it will give you access to other systems already installed.
Without luck I use SuperGrb2 which gives you access to all available systems.
Select the system that you want as the primary boot and boot into it.
Then as root do "update-grub, grub-install /dev/sd?"
This will put you where you wanted to be.

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Re: rebuild boot menu

Postby albert.wagner » 15 Sep 2018 01:13

Thanks everyone. I saw such commands fly by during installation, but I had no idea what was happening that I couldn't see. It seems that you can change the default boot in a multiboot system by using those two commands from whichever distro that you want to be the default.

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