Waterfox scrollbar - where is it defined

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Waterfox scrollbar - where is it defined

Postby bin » 06 Jul 2019 05:13

scrollbar firefox waterfox.png
scrollbar firefox waterfox.png (11.58 KiB) Viewed 733 times
Solydx 10 with Firefox ESR and Waterfox.

I'm puzzled as to why Waterfox has its own scrollbar rather than following other settings.

The attached pic shows FF on left and WF on right.

In Solydx 9 both were the same - per FF so this came as a puzzle.

I use TraditionalOk from Mate Themes to provide the style - it does the same as Clearlooks-Phenix but doesn't throw all the errors into .xsession-errors that Clearlooks-Phenix does.

My guess is that it's a bit of .css somewhere and I do recall that some solydx adjustments did mention scrollbars but that only seemed to relate to padding for us old fogeys :)

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Re: Waterfox scrollbar - where is it defined

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 06 Jul 2019 08:48

This is a theming issue with your chosen theme. The default SolydXK theme as provided by gtk3-engines-breeze-x does not have that issue.

Themes are located /usr/share/themes/
Search for gtk-3.0/gtk.css of your theme.

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