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Install Openastro

Posted: 20 Jul 2019 13:13
by GGerson
Hello everyone, After a while I reinstalled SolydK and congratulated Arjen Balfoort and his team for their development and excellent stability.
I have a problem to make "Openastro" work, I followed all the steps from its page but it does not start, in other distributions where I have used it I have no problem, even with MX that its base is Debian, there it runs very well; but I can not get it to open in SolydK.
┬┐Any help or suggestion to make it work?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Install Openastro

Posted: 20 Jul 2019 16:03
by ilu
Not enough info.

There are a lot of packages to download - all for Ubuntu-based systems. Which one did you pick? If you pick the right one it might work but only if you are very lucky. If you are unlucky incompatible libraries will ruin your system.

Or did you use the generic instructions? Since it seems to be python the generic instructions should work. Check the dependencies and the path. And look for a way to start the program in debug mode to see in terminal whats going wrong.

If you did everything correctly asking the developer will probably your best bet.

Re: Install Openastro

Posted: 12 Aug 2019 19:23
by GGerson
In other Debian-based distributions it is located in the repositories. Can I place those repositories in SolydK?

Re: Install Openastro

Posted: 12 Aug 2019 20:34
by ilu
Since this is written in Python you do not need to use a repository. The "Generic Linux Installation" is quite clear about the dependencies, that should work. If it doesn't work using a repository won't help either.

Possible cause for problems is the python version (3.4/5 vs. 3.6). But if you don't give us any information about your system and about the error messages we can't help.