cups-pdf file names

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cups-pdf file names

Postby ilu » 16 Nov 2019 01:07

Since I started using LibreOffice lately I found an annoying issue: When printing to pdf, the output file gets named <document file name>__non-Linux-generated_files.pdf or some part thereof. Falkon browser does the same. That's a really stupid file name extension especially since its completely untrue. I want the pdf file to be just named like the document itself. If a file of that name already exists I want the system to append a number like browsers do with downloaded files. Also interantionalization doesn't work although DecodeHexStrings is enabled.

None of the options in /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf looks promising - defaults for label and title look right - or is that something the application needs to set? It looks like all pdf printing no matter which app exhibit the same stupid behaviour. I'm sure that wasn't the case under stretch.

I can't even use postprocessing because that weird file name extension depends on file name length: The pdf might be named "Mousepad-job__1___using_non-Linux-generated_files.pdf" or "WhateverLongNameIsHere__erated_files.pdf" or anything in between. Where does it even get "using_non-Linux-generated_files" from? I searched the whole system and couldn't find that peculiar wording anywhere.

The only hit on the Internet is the same issue without solution:

Chromium and Gimp have the same weird extension. Firefox suffixes every filename with "__ble". Geany uses "geany-job__1__le". This gets me nowhere.

Ideas, anyone?

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Re: cups-pdf file names

Postby bas_otten » 28 Nov 2019 19:50

hi Ilu,
I tried to reproduce your problem, and I get indeed more or less the same behaviour - only the suffix is never quite as long as 'non-Linux-generated_files' and/or sometimes appear to contain other stringparts.
Anyhow, I looked at /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf, under Filename Settings uncommented TitlePref and changed it to 'TitlePref 0', restarted cups, and: weird suffixes seem to have vanished, just the filename with pdf-extension!
Files do get overwritten though, you could use 'Label 2', but that gets every file suffixed with a jobid, also the first.
Hope this gets you around at least part of your problem.

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