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SolydX should provide support for Mobile Broadband

Posted: 07 Mar 2013 14:00
by BobHinds
SolydX should provide “Out Of The Box” support for Mobile Broadband.

The current version of SolydX does not provide support for Mobile Broadband.

At a minimum SolydX should include “wvdial” by default. It does not take up much space and should work with many mobile broadband modem devices.

A better solution would be to replace “Wicd” which does not support mobile broadband with “Network Manager” which does provide good and easy to use support for mobile broadband.

I think as more people start using SolydX, you will find others wanting to have Network Manager with mobile broadband support installed by default.

An example of this demand for mobile broadband can be found when the Slax distribution was revised by its developer and he did not initially include support for mobile broadband. Here is a link to his blog notes for Slax 7 RC1 which contains feedback from users wanting Network Manager with Modem Manager support. ... ate-1.html

Re: SolydX should provide support for Mobile Broadband

Posted: 07 Mar 2013 22:03
by cwwgateway
I honestly can't say why wvdial isn't included, but wicd was chosen because it is lighter than network manager. SolydX's goal is to be a lightweight alternative to SolydK. Like I said, I don't know if/why there's a problem with wvdial, but Network Manager conflicts with that purpose. It is more "heavy-weight" than wicd. It seems mobile broadband support is planned for wicd 2.0, but that won't be released for a while (see here: