RAID or LVM Setup at install (Especially for BO)

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RAID or LVM Setup at install (Especially for BO)

Postby Notsonoble » 11 Apr 2014 14:21

I moved back to kubuntu on my home desktop for the time being, because this latest box (had to rebuild due to a dead motherboard and 10 year old hardware) finally let me have drives for a mirrored pair of drives for home. I'd uses the instructions here to move home on the last build up but after setting up raid partitions with a different livedisk (ubuntu server) solyd didn't see the partitions correctly to install onto, so I went back to the ubuntu server and "upgraded it" to kubuntu.

I really enjoyed SolydK and will continue to use/play with it in vms and suggest it for less complicated setups, but I think this is an issue that needs a little attention.

Back Office is one of the things i'd like to suggest to a local small business who's looking to migrate soon (win7). They're at a point where they need some stable storage and backup solutions for some data, and an in house scheduling/inventory system, which means more data protection. BO with proper drive management would be good for that.

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