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Proposals for the tutorial section

Posted: 24 Aug 2015 13:11
by ilu
Since Grizzler and I are trying to do something more with the tutorial section I would like to propose some sort of rudimentary guidelines for writing a tutorial.

1. The title should be as clear as possible and maybe follow the lines of what mhwelsh proposed some time ago:
Word 1 --- Say Printers, Video, Audio, System, System etc. (edit: SolydX or SolydK)
Word 2 --- Form of tutorial say Installation, updating, software etc.
Word 3 --- Type of tutorial. Howto, clever tricks etc.
2. A tutorial should consist of a short outline of the problem and a step-by-step explanation of a possible solution. The solution should be in the post not just in a link (except for something like a printer driver download). Of course we could link to a lot of great forum threads all over the internet but that would be kind of redundant. And links change anyway.

3. A tutorial should be written with an unexperienced user in mind. It can be directed at experienced users only but then it should say so. At least the problem description should be understandable for everybody so that even new M$ converts know whether this applies to them or not, Things that might bork a system should carry a warning notice.

So what do you think? Any more ideas?