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Re: What is SolydXK?

Posted: 16 Sep 2015 06:39
by grizzler
Fargo wrote:It would be nice if backports could be enabled for one instance only and then automatically disabled to prevent leaving them enabled during a system update.
That's more or less how it works. It's enabled by default, but because its priority is set at a very low value, it's never automatically considered during upgrades. You have to select it by using apt-get's -t option to install a package from backports:
Which brings me to a question. I was recently working on my father in laws SolydK system and noticed he had backports enabled. I didn't remember enabling them. Does SolydK come with them enabled?

Re: What is SolydXK?

Posted: 20 Sep 2015 17:09
by cx405
I just leave this here.

Debian Testing is currently broken, partially due to GCC 5 transition, partially due to incomplete KDE KF5 stack.
I was using KDE and my test system simply broke, conflict between kwin-x11/-wayland and libkdecorations*.

After installing apt-listbugs I was able to filter even more packages with outstanding bugs and apt managed to partial-upgrade the KDE.

After a week, just a few days back, it still managed to break - now the KDE desktop in unusable in Testing.
On official Debian IRC, Testing is never expected to work and Stable+Backports is suggested for the system which is expected to be reliable.

Here you have it. Obviously, I stick to this opinion.
I used Testing for more than three years, as well as Sidux (Debian Sid) for good a year on my desktop systems.