Privacy concern due to Privacy Badger

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Privacy concern due to Privacy Badger

Postby Deleted User 2859 » 30 Apr 2019 18:09

According to Privacy Possum, Privacy Badger prevents browser fingerprinting scripts from being blocked. Please investigate this. If this is true, please stop Privacy Badger from being pre-installed because you would be helping 3rd-party trackers.

More information is on Privacy Possum's GitHub.

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Re: Privacy concern due to Privacy Badger

Postby ilu » 01 May 2019 13:22

In the links you quoted there is no mention of any privacy concerns CAUSED by Privacy Badger so that wording is misleading.

The problem with blocking fingerprinting is that - if you do it efficiently - most websites will stop working and most users will not like the results. I haven't used Privacy Possum but I don't rely on Privacy Badger either - the whole concept they use is too simple. It's just a crutch that avoids the most blatant stuff. If you prefer Privacy Possum - install it. The more important tool in our setup is uBlock origin anyway. And you should know that the more you customize your browser the more you stick out - you become unique and thus easily trackable. Just the fact that you have Privacy Possum installed is going to be enough to identify you and all its fancy blocking stuff will not help. So considering this I'd vote for removing any Badger altogether. uBlock origin is enough. (500.000 Badger installations versus 5 Mio uBlock Origin installations).

The problem about cdn usage is that for privacy reasons you should block every one of them - but in that case you wouldn't see any content on most of the major sites. (And it's getting worse: ... n-firefox/.) You should also totally block javascript - with the same result. So it's a trade-off. That Privacy Possum developer can't work wonders - if you are using a web browser, you are exposing yourself, period.

Although the "injecting false data" approach has some merits, I'm wary about it - who can tell which data s/he injects? Who says that being confused with somebody else wouldn't have more serious consequences than being recognised as yourself? Practically not such a good idea.

If you are serious about privacy, you should use Tor browser. The guys developing Tor browser are aware of the uniqueness problem and that's why they carefully decide which anti-tracking measure to take and which not. And why you should never change anything about Tor browser configuration. not even the browser window size.

If you prefer to decide on your own personal compromise learn how to use and configure uBlock origin and, most importantly, because it's not easy - uMatrix. But if you are not fighting because of the fight but because you want to be efficient, remember: Don't stick out, blend in with the masses.

So yeah, should we remove Privacy Badger? If so, then without replacement.

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Re: Privacy concern due to Privacy Badger

Postby freedom » 15 May 2019 08:52

ilu wrote:
01 May 2019 13:22
The problem with blocking fingerprinting is that - if you do it efficiently - most websites will stop working and most users will not like the results.
Is this could be the reason I cannot post on some forums?
It keeps me redirecting to login page when I click on Submit button

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Re: Privacy concern due to Privacy Badger

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 15 May 2019 09:15

Usually, if I really, really need a site to function, I disable Badger for that site to check if that solves the issue. If it does, I manually disable individual trackers within Badger for that site until it breaks again. The one that breaks the site I will allow for only this session.

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