A new(ish) user from Staffordshire, UK

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A new(ish) user from Staffordshire, UK

Postby iain1940 » 19 Sep 2013 21:47

This is a slightly late (as well as being an over-long) sign-in as it is some months since I first installed a SolydX sustem on my little (old?) ASUS eee 900 which I take on holiday to look at the web and store photos and GPS tracks. It tends to get a new distribution installed every year or so. Anyhow this year it was SolydX after I had heard details on MintCast.

For my main (desktop) computer I had moved to Mint, then LMDE, after Unity fragmented Ubuntu users. After trying a number of desktops I settled on Xfce as providing almost everything I need including being quite configurable enough for me. Although my i5 system would run a more 'advanced' desktop I don't see why it should. I liked the concept of the 'rolling release' and was disappointed when Mint dropped Xfce from the LMDE distributions. However I carried on until last month when I decided that my system needed cleaning up - I had over the last two years, tried different desktops and installed (and sometimes removed) a lot of assorted packages. Since I could not download and install a new Xfce LMDE it seemed logical to try SolydX, especially as it had worked OK during a week in Russia.

I backed up everything and installed Solydx (2013-08) in parallel with LMDE - It wasn't too bad as I had already separated '/home/...' and '/home/Pictures/..' onto individual file systems.

I immediately got a number of bonuses - An easy installation of the NVIDIA drivers and twin monitors and the many latest tools that I would have had with Mint.
- As an aside .. I hope that SolydX keeps it's close relationship with Mint - the Update Manager, Software Manager and the new Menu system all are so easy to use. Clem and his team have provided the Linux community with so much over the last few years and it is nice to see Schoelje and his team joining them.

It took a bit of to get MOST things (I haven't tried ALL yet) working OK, the only problem I had was the initial failure of the latest update to boot with Plymouth installed, anyhow all sorted now. That's apart from my old inability to keep sound systems working properly - I have now removed all traces of 'PulseAudio' and stuck to ALSA.

My background is in 'computing' since 1962 when I started on a Leo III computer (look it up in Google !) I then worked on various IBM and NCR mainframes before progressing (yes) to DEC PDPs and eventually to IBM AIX. My last 20 working years were spent as an independent Programmer/Analyst on Mini/Micro systems. On retirement, in 2005, I started to look at Linux and never stopped looking. Apart from some web maintenance work it's all play now.

Anyhow enough of me. Thanks to Schoelje and the team for a good looking and sensible distribution and all the best to all developers and users.



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Re: A new(ish) user from Staffordshire, UK

Postby Crewp » 19 Sep 2013 22:25

Welcome to SolydXK, and the forum :D

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Re: A new(ish) user from Staffordshire, UK

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 20 Sep 2013 09:54

Hi iain1940, and welcome to our forum!
That was a real nice story, and of course, I looked it up:


Very impressive!

SolydXK needs you!
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Re: A new(ish) user from Staffordshire, UK

Postby zerozero » 20 Sep 2013 10:39

hello Iain :P welcome to the forums (you already know your way around :lol: so keep enjoying your stay here)
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Re: A new(ish) user from Staffordshire, UK

Postby davo » 20 Sep 2013 11:49

Hello Iain and welcome to the forum :)
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Re: A new(ish) user from Staffordshire, UK

Postby ane champenois » 25 Sep 2013 09:07

hello Iain,
Welcome to (y)our forum 8-)
What an interesting story with the 'first' computers!
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