Greetings from Dallas, Texas

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Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby douglas » 30 Sep 2013 02:18

Hi all. I have been a Linux user for many years. Just trying SolydK. I have never been a KDE fan, but keep trying it since Gnome went 'off the rails' so to speak.

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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby timber » 30 Sep 2013 03:19

Hi Douglas,

A very hearty Welcome from the SolydXK forum(s)!
Glad you found us.
I have little doubt that you'll be enjoying SolydXK, there's a lot to like about Solyd with either the KDE or the Xfce DE.
Like you, I wasn't much of a KDE fan prior to finding SolydK (it seemed like other distros sporting KDE were only trying to imitate windoz to me), but once I found SolydK ...
... there's no turning back, I really am enjoying the experience.

Keep us posted on how it goes.

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Arjen Balfoort
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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 30 Sep 2013 10:52

Hi douglas, and welcome to our forum!
I too would like to know what you think about SolydK.
Tell us, when you tried it out a bit.

SolydXK needs you!
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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby Fishman » 30 Sep 2013 21:19

Howdy Douglas! Welcome to the community again lol. It is great that a fellow Texan is onboard. If the SolydK does not work for you try the SolydX as it is XFCE and may suit your needs better. If ever I may be of assistance please don't hesitate to give me a holler. :D
Your Friendly, Neighborhood,
-----The Fishman

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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby Crewp » 30 Sep 2013 22:23

Welcome to the SolydXK forums. :D

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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby tdockery97 » 30 Sep 2013 23:03

Welcome Douglas. Spent a few years in Dallas myself in the early 70's at the old Naval Air Station in Grand Prairie.

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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby zerozero » 30 Sep 2013 23:34

hi douglas 8-) welcome to the SolydXK forums
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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby Sewedob » 01 Oct 2013 05:41

Hello Douglas, welcome to SolydXK, hope this is what you are looking for (for me it is :) )

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ane champenois
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Re: Greetings from Dallas, Texas

Postby ane champenois » 04 Oct 2013 08:12

Hello douglas,
Welcome to (y)our forum!
I hope you find what you're searching for with SolydK ;)
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