Hello there!!

New to SolydXK? This is the place to say "Hello"
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Hello there!!

Postby tezzerp » 23 Dec 2014 17:30

Hi All,

Let me firstly apologize for my tardiness of not introducing myself properly. I'm TezzerP and am a newbie in all aspects of Linux (so bear with me). I really appreciate the help given.

I want to expand my knowledge of SolydX without it causing me more headaches, I've been a windows person for many years now and my mindset is all about Windows, but I want to change that.

So... here we go...!

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Re: Hello there!!

Postby wildman » 23 Dec 2014 22:08

Welcome to the forum. You will find several smart people here that are always willing to help.
May the Source be with you.

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Re: Hello there!!

Postby rokytnji » 24 Dec 2014 02:18

Howdy and Welcome. Big things start with tiny beginnings.

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Re: Hello there!!

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 24 Dec 2014 16:41

Hi tezzerp, welcome to our forum and a happy Christmas!

SolydXK needs you!
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