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Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 06 Jun 2016 13:37
by The_Fritz
Hello everybody!

I am just about to burn SolydX on a DVD for installation on a five year old desktop with 4 GB RAM and a Harddisk of 500 GB. When I did some research on a Debian based OS that supports xfce well, I found SolydX and this forum. I have been using Ubuntu and Mint for ten years now, because I want an OS that gets out of my way and just works. Since my old version of Fireworks runs well in wine and I can play civ 4 in steam, I don't really need windows any more. I also love the possibilities to change the desktop's appearance until I find it cozy and usable. Here is a screenshot from my other PC with Xubuntu: ... 7220_o.jpg

Though I do some programming (mostly Web-stuff with JavaScript and some Python) I don't want to know in all detail, what is going on under the hood of my OS. I considered trying Debian Jessie, but I was put off by the design of their website. Also, I have been wondering, if there is something more lightweight than Xubuntu.

And I like the enthusiasm in this forum. ;-)

Except playing around with computers, I am into writing (which is my profession), drawing and hiking.

Kind regards,
The_Fritz, 42, Vienna

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 06 Jun 2016 15:01
by Arjen Balfoort
Hi The_Fritz, and welcome to our forum!

I hope the installation went smoothly. Let us know how it went.

If you ever find that our SolydXK application could use some improvement, here's the source at GitHub:

Enjoy your stay and if you encounter any problems do not hesitate to post them here :)

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 06 Jun 2016 19:35
by Zill
The_Fritz: Thank you for introducing yourself and please let me add my welcome.

We have a good, friendly, community here with many knowledgeable members so if you do have any queries just post a new query and someone should be able to help. Of course, it is always worth searching the SolydXK forums first as many questions have already been answered.

As, like many of us, you have a Ubuntu/Mint background I should point out that SolydXK is based on Debian and so there are subtle differences with Ubuntu based systems. I strongly recommend that you do not try to install packages intended for Ubuntu on any Debian based system as they are often incompatible.

In particular, PPAs are generally intended for Ubuntu systems and so should not be installed on Debian systems. If you really need a later package than one available in the Debian Jessie repos then the preferred method is to install the newer package from backports.

Anyway, have fun finding your way around your new SolydX system and, if you have any questions, just ask. Personally, I don't have anything to do with Windows, Wine or Games - but there may be some here who do... ;-)

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 07 Jun 2016 09:39
by The_Fritz
Thanks for the nice welcome! :) Everything runs fine, so far. Maybe I'll ask some questions later, though the forum is full of things I might ask anyway. (I'm at holiday right now and will be back at my office pc next week...)

An update after using the system for over a week: I'm very happy with it! Thanks for making Debian more accessible. :)

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 28 Jun 2016 16:48
by eselma
Hi Fritz, welcome to the forum. Presume now You have spent your holidays and can enjoy SolydX again. I am mainly a SolydK user, but SolydX fits very well in any laptop, including some old models. And flies on a regular desktop!

I've tried several environments for coding HTML (almost no java* ), at the moment, Bluefish keeps being simple and useful, despite having licenses for Komodo IDE, Webstorm and others. Which one is your preferred?

Welcome again to this friendly forum.

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 30 Jun 2016 16:59
by The_Fritz
Hi eselma,

I am using Notepad++, a Windows-program that runs fine in wine. It has autocompletion for html-tags and syntax-folding, which is very convenient:
There is a Linux-port, called Notepadqq, probably with the same functionality:
I have not tried it yet. Bluefish is of course a great editor too. I never used a fancy IDE either.

Kind regards,

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 30 Jun 2016 17:10
by eselma
Many thanks, Fritz. Notepad ++ is a preferred program for many html coders.

I'll try Notepadqq, did not knew there was a Linux port of it.

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 30 Jun 2016 18:15
by The_Fritz
I gave Notepadqq a try. Seems like tag-autocompletion is not implemented yet. If you don't need this and don't use plugins, it is certainly worth a try. Otherwise I recommend using the Windows-version, which runs perfectly in wine.

(The How-to I found to install Notepadqq on Debian: ... ve-notepad)

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 30 Jun 2016 18:39
by belze
I do not use so much to write html/css/php but when i need to get my hands dirty with these, i use kate.

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 01 Sep 2019 19:11
by The_Fritz
I have not been here for a while and have been using Peppermint OS and vanilla Debian in the past years. For policy reasons, it is possible that I will switch from an Ubuntu base to a Debian base for good.

I tried installing Debian Buster on my ThinkPad E470, which is the PC I am using 90 % of the time. Debian did not recognize the touchpad and had problems with the WiFi card - so I considered a derivative and remembered SolydX. And here I am again...

The version I installed is the nightly build that is already based on Buster. It is even more snappy than Peppermint and seems to be very polished. I have no complaints at all. After using it for a week or so, I will write a review for Distrowatch - to say thank you for the great work you are doing.

Re: Greetings from Vienna

Posted: 02 Sep 2019 15:31
by ilu