A relativly smooth experience Solydk 8 32bit

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Peter Mason
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A relativly smooth experience Solydk 8 32bit

Postby Peter Mason » 22 Apr 2017 08:47

Many thanks to the team from myself and the planet for enabling me to recycle a Toshiba laptop from circa 2004 that had finally lost its HDD drive and installed XP. It has been replaced with SSD and Solydk 8 32bit on the good ship Plato currently sitting in Aigues mortes waiting for some charts before setting course further south and west. :clap:

The following comments are made out of my personal need as an electronic engineer to understand what was going on during the install. I assume that many or all of the issues are mine and I do not intend to criticise or upset anyone in the community but expect some will see it that way.

OK so the SSD was uninitialized out of the box and went into to vacant IDE slot and bolted down. I used a cheap <50€ tablet running windows 8.1 to download the ISO although win 32 disk imager wanted an img file. I only found one reference in a tutorial to doing this from windows, the assumption seems to be that the world has linux. I tried to boot my tablet from the usb stick created whilst waiting of the SSD to arrive but that failed. The tablet is unwilling to use the windows recovery usb either and seems to force use of the recovery drive that I would like to remove and free up some of the 1GB only memory. Then I used virtual box again without success, so I went shopping for boat bits.

On return the drive had arrived was bolted into the vacant slot appeared on the list of things in the boot menu. The usb was inserted and eventually the boot order was arranged so that the BIOS found the USB drive.

Now it gets confused. There were several attempts at restarting the machine in safe mode in normal mode, in special look to see if the drive or usb are there mode. The install seemed to stall sometimes with a dimming K on a grey screen sometimes in a linux text loop. At one point it all looked OK to the point of trying the system and on another two occasions it produced an installer found an unknown error please sent a bug report message but crashed before allowing that. :cry:

I played with some boat bits and enjoyed the sun whilst drinking tea in a hammock on the aft deck.

Then for what ever reason perhaps allowing the install to take its own time and not allowing my frustration to get in the way, a proper install as experienced at home began. It did require some research on how to format the SSD but that went well after I remembered how to do it.

Then wonder of wonders and after many updates, that also had hiccups, the network began, the sound appeared the email and browser were there, I can dim the display and found my tablet on the network even the touchpad worked. Then there is the printer. I have a lot of trouble getting my printer to print, it to is old but no it was found on the network and after finding it somewhere in the middle of the list of drivers it was able to produce a test page.

I now need acquaint myself with the ways of Linux before returning to the hammock.

Ah, the evolution continues. If anyone is still reading this there seems to be an issue recovering from sleep mode. I will look on the forum but if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

Once again thank you for the 32 bit version it makes my small contribution very worth while.


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Re: A relativly smooth experience Solydk 8 32bit

Postby Crewp » 22 Apr 2017 18:21

Welcome to SolydXK, and the forum. Sorry I cannot help you on the sleep mode issue.

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Re: A relativly smooth experience Solydk 8 32bit

Postby patzy » 22 Apr 2017 23:40

I for one enjoyed reading through your installation experience.

This seems to happen to those of us who don't like to throw away old machines. :)

Three cheers to Solydxk for still making 32bit ISOs available! :clap:

PS: I switched off sleep mode.

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