Back to the future

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Back to the future

Postby hdpaddy » 28 Aug 2017 14:30

Hello from the Netherlands,

despite most of my questions where awnsered here (and in the Debian forums as well), registered in nov 2013 and never introduced myself :o :shock: nor contributed in this forum yet. :facepalm: So let me take the oppurtunity here and for all time, to thank all the users of Solydxk, of Debian, of all the Linux distributions for there time and conributes. And on this forum particular Schoelje and his team of Solydxk developers.

Distro-hopping since RedHat 5.2/Debian/Arch/Debian/Solydk/Debian, but sill coming back to SolydK everytime. :roll:
Why, it's a Dutch distribution, it has Debian roots, it's user friendly, it's active, great forum and most of all, Why not? ;)

At the moment i'm running Solydk 9, wich i flawlessly upgraded yesterday to buster. >for now i'm happy

As we say in the Netherlands,
de mazzel

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Re: Back to the future

Postby eselma » 31 Aug 2017 16:26

Welcome(back) to the future, hdpaddy! Or must we say to the amazing present?

At the moment, running Solydk 9 (with backports) and all runs flawlessly. I see you like the latest apps. Thankfully we have a tester team (that includes you) debugging the newer software so we can enjoy a Solyd Stable editions.

Many thanks, hdpaddy!

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