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Who is r0n.

Posted: 08 Oct 2018 13:18
by r0n.
Hello all;
My name is Ron, I live in the Netherlands in the province Zeeland (Sealand ?)
My age is 66 years old and I am (was ?) a Xubuntu user.
At this moment I'm looking for more possibilities for me, in Mint-XFCE en in SolydX (also XFCE).
Debian has on my hardware a problem, that the network interface is not seen.
Drivers can only be installed after the installation of the Debian version.
With SolydX there is no problem everything is working out of the box.

The SolydXK serie is made in the Netherlands (I think), so why not try it?

Re: Who is r0n.

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 09:11
by Arjen Balfoort
Hi r0n, and welcome to our forum.

Indeed, SolydXK originates from the Netherlands. However, most of the community who help making SolydXK possible are not from the Netherlands. So, it's more of an international effort.

I hope you are enjoying SolydX and please come back here if you have any questions or try to help out others.