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New American user

Postby UncleSam » 23 Feb 2019 16:19

Hello from the U.S.A.,

I have been using the power and stability of Debian-derivatives for more than ten years.
Recently another user on the KiCAD forum suggested I update my Debian jessie linux OS to
stretch. So I searched for a day or two and tried several Debian distributions
with KDE before trying Solydxk. After searching on this forum, I discovered that the
new SolydXK version was based on stretch and just uploaded in February 2019 to the nightly
builds folder on the SolydXK download directory. So I burned the ISO to a DVD and tried it.

I like the colors and art-deco look of SolydK (++). It works with all my peripherals--Superb!
YAY! (++) So I installed it (solydK), overwriting my previous Debian linux OS. I also
like the default black/blue/green text on white background with in a Konsole terminal (++).
No twiddling necessary. It looks great right from the start.

Thank you for SolydK.

I upgraded KiCAD to the new stable 5.0.8 version using a debian backport. (This FOSS application is rapidly evolving.) This was my first time using a backport.

Thank you for the good job you did creating this stable Debian distribution. Very nice!

And unlike my previous linux installation, *** GRUB worked perfectly the first time *** after I installed SolydK. (++)

Also, I noticed from my $apt-get update && apt-get upgrade library changes that freerdp-x11 and several other
freerdp libraries have been added to my system. Indeed freerdp has been added as an application.

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user@solydk1:~/linux$ ls /usr/bin/*rdp*
I did not specifically add xfreerdp and had never heard of it until now. Why is it included by default? What will break if I remove it?


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Re: New American user

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 23 Feb 2019 18:28

Hi Alain, and welcome to our forum!

I think it's a remnant of krdc which was installed in the past. Now, nothing depends on the freerdp files. So, you can remove all with:

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apt purge *freerdp* libwinpr*
Check the file list that's going to be removed before you continue.

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Re: New American user

Postby UncleSam » 24 Feb 2019 16:05

Thank you, Arjen.

I removed rdp and winpr libraries using the command you recommended.
Now the application xfreerdp is gone too. APT reported the freeing of 10.1 MiB of drive space.
I saved a list of the libraries added/deleted, as I do whenever I change anything with APT.
(just so that I can learn more about the debian packaging and repository system )


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