Plank with Whisker-Menu and increased spacing

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Plank with Whisker-Menu and increased spacing

Postby The_Fritz » 04 Sep 2019 09:39

All my Xfce-desktops look like this:

The panel at the bottom is Plank, which can be installed with:
sudo apt install plank

Plank is started with the command:

Behind the dock on the left, there is an invisible Xfce panel that only contains a Whisker menu. I used a transparent image as an icon. There needs to be a Whisker menu in an Xfce-panel, or it won't open up. The command for opening it is:

I made a starter with this command in my /home directory. From there I dragged it into Plank.
Now I have a clickable Whisker-menu in Plank.

The settings of Plank can be reached with CTRL + click with right mousebutton on the dock.
I selected the "Transparent" theme. I also selected to align on the bottom left.

The configuration file for the Transparent-theme can be changed with:
sudo mousepad /usr/share/plank/themes/Transparent/dock.theme

I increased the padding between the items in Plank:

If you open a program, it will appear in Plank. Right click it and select "keep in dock" and it will stay there. You can also drag starters into the dock. For removing items from Plank, drag them upwards.

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