SolydXK Plymouth Bootsplash screen (logo ration)

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SolydXK Plymouth Bootsplash screen (logo ration)

Postby OursBlanc » 08 Jul 2020 15:41

:D Hello everyone !

:arrow: Introduction

Here it is, I downloaded SolidX a few days ago, and even if I really appreciate this "orange" theme I hate the boot splash screen. I don't know if it's the boot splash screen or if it's my wallpaper. (I left the default one)

:idea: Demo

So I created my own plymouth theme. I don't know if I should post it here or in customization.
Here's what it looks like (sorry for the disgusting quality of the gif and the video...)

MKV video

ugly video in action : (sorry for the quality)
(i made this test with the first version of the animation (without the black border on the logo))

:arrow: Shut up and take my money !
Relax, it's free :P

If you wish to have this same (awesome) splash screen. You can download it here :
(explanation in the 7z file)

:?: How-to

For the curious who want to know how I did it. Here's basically the method :
1.) Get the official logo in .svg from viewtopic.php?f=77&t=142

2.) With the Inkscape software, clean up and get only the two shapes I'm interested in (the bottom circle, and the kind of... "thing" that goes on top).

3.) With the Blender software, you cut the whole thing in half, make a mirror, and you can apply a different texture to each half. One half in blue, the other half in orange.

4.) Still on Blender, we refine the textures, the lighting, the background, etc...

5.) Still on Blender: we make a nice little animation.

6.) Export the animation frame by frame

7.) With KRename I renamed all the images "progress-" + i (with i being a number that increments to have progress-1.png ; progress-2.png ; progress-3.png... etc until the last frame : progress-200.png)

8.) In /usr/share/plymouth/themes I studied how the other themes were made. With some quick Internet research (exemple : ... oot.script ) . I found that it's pretty simple. A script file that manages the animation, a plymouth file that gives the path to the script and images as well as some information and metadata... Anyway, anyway.

9.) You create your theme, you check in the .script and the .plymouth that you've changed the few variables necessary for the machine to work properly.

10.) We launch SolydXK System Settings and in the Plymouth panel we select our new theme.

:clap: Conclusion

I hope you'll enjoy it ! Feel free to comment, criticize, say thank you, buy me a pint if you see me...

With love and cookies from North Pole.
OursBlanc // (mean PolarBear in French) - Sorry for my dirty ugly rusty English.
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OS : SolydX 10 64 bit x86864 // Host: 2325WP5 ThinkPad X230 // Kernel: 4.19.0-9-amd64

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Re: SolydXK Plymouth Bootsplash screen (logo ration)

Postby zorzi » 29 Jul 2020 19:19

Very nice. I love it.

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