SolydXK NEON Animated gif (Just for fun)

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Re: SolydXK NEON Animated gif (Just for fun)

Postby SolydForEver » 15 Mar 2017 17:54

Zill wrote:
p.s. The downside is that, unfortunately, I will now be unable to assist SolydForEver with any future problems he may raise.
Well, then please keep me as your foe since you, and Ilu for that matter, have never helped me with my questions since I use the distinguished KDE version of SolydXK and since you two only know the XFCE version you can't help me.
The only answers I got were:
I use XFCE and so I can't help you with your KDE questions, but you can always start using XFCE as well. Well, as if that is gonna happen. Never.

But to show I am a reasonable person I will remove the avatar to keep the peace here on this forum.

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Re: SolydXK NEON Animated gif (Just for fun)

Postby ilu » 15 Mar 2017 18:29

Well, I usually ignore posts asking about KDE since, as you correctly quoted, I can't help if the problem is really KDE-related. But even then, I usually launch my SolydK VM and try to find a solution. Problem is, not many KDE users regularly help in this forum. So sometimes I write like that just to push a posting back to the top, hoping that the question won't get ignored. I consider this helping as well although I can understand that my idea of humour is not always shared. I'll try to remember in the future.
Thank you for removing your avatar.

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Re: SolydXK NEON Animated gif (Just for fun)

Postby Zill » 15 Mar 2017 21:11

Thanks for removing the problematic avatar, SolydForEver. In a corresponding gesture of "reasonableness" I have now removed your status as a "foe". :-)

I hope you will appreciate that my aversion to KDE is just the result of many years of bad experiences since I first started using KDE with Mandrake Linux around 2000. Over the years, I kept trying a newer version but, unfortunately, KDE always remained a dysfunctional, bloated and buggy mess that could not be relied upon. But I do accept that it is glitzy if that is the most important priority for a user.

However, as with ilu, I do try to help out with questions from KDE users when I can. Often problems are common to the underlying Linux base, rather than a specific DE.

So, keep the questions coming and I will do my best to respond. If I do end up advising that a KDE user will have less hassle by running XFCE, it is only because this is my genuine belief. :geek:

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Re: SolydXK NEON Animated gif (Just for fun)

Postby Redraw » 16 Mar 2017 20:47

Don't want to Upset the brotherly love traveling show BUT , . But can I get a wallpaper of this thing or not , stop with the hugs and good vibes and tell me this .

Can I Get a wallpaper of this blinking Neon ? , just for fun .

Stop ignoring the question , please ,
you lot are funny , in a good way !

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