Community ISO maintenance and build issues - 1

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Re: Community ISO maintenance and build issues

Postby grizzler » 12 Mar 2017 13:00

Schoelje wrote:
grizzler wrote:Curious. Why is there a /usr/share/themes/oxygen-gtk/gtk-3.0/kdeglobals (from March 2013) on SolydX?
It is part of gtk3-engines-oxygen. Don't know what happens if we remove that package.
As gtk3-engines-oxygen was removed from Testing in September 2015 (!), I doubt removing it would cause any issues for the EEs. It's long gone from my main system as well.

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Re: Community ISO maintenance and build issues

Postby ilu » 12 Mar 2017 16:19

Regarding Apper/Discover:

I remember threads in this forum that Discover does absolutely nothing without root privileges. I can't comment on that because I havent't tried myself. See here: ... ver#p64138

But from Discover shows program names, never package names. It doesn't show which packages get pulled in. It just removes but doesn't purge.
Imho not showing package names can lead to a world of badness.

Manages installation and uninstallation of packages
Manages package updates
Can be searched by package-name, description, or included file name
Supports filtering on
Installed or available
End-user or development
Can be viewed in package groups
Apper seems to be Synaptic and Updatemanager combined. You can even set security updates to be installed automatically.

Just from the description Apper seems to be the way to go. If Apper works like they say it should be in the favs. Discover should be deinstalled or hidden far way.

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