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Postby SolydForEver » 24 Nov 2016 17:34


How do use Discover? Whenever I open it I see a window with almost no buttons or clickable text, I can't do anything with it.
What's the use of it?
When I see an icon in the lower right corner of the screen indicating there are updates, I click the icon and Discover opens. It then tells me my system is up to date. I then open the update-manager and I can install a lot of updates.
Please remove Discover, it is the most unusable piece of software I have ever seen.

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Re: Discover

Postby MAYBL8 » 15 Dec 2016 03:03

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Re: Discover

Postby ilu » 15 Dec 2016 14:29

I can't see anything about hardware detection in his screenshot. Does discover need to be configured by the distribution? The descriptions sounds a bit like what DDM does for us. I tried to install it but for me there's no GUI. In terminal sudo discover just prints random(?) lists of hardware devices.
The projects homepage given here obviously belongs to someone else nowadays.
So from first glance I'd say his suggestion to purge it seems valid.

Edit: OK, Maybl8, that was the wrong link. The old project is abandoned and the screenshot posted belongs to plasma-discover, a part of the plasma project, that serves whatever purpose the KDE project wants it to serve. It's part of plasma and it it's not wise to purge anything from that highly integrated KDE stuff.
@Solydforever: If you think that parts of KDE are completely superfluos you are most certainly right. Move to SolydX. :mrgreen:

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