Recent problems with CIFS / Samba with shared database

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Recent problems with CIFS / Samba with shared database

Postby freecicero » 14 Oct 2014 22:26

Until recently I had successfully been using several Crossover/wine programs on my Solydx machines to access my network server, which is also running Solydx. These programs (Timeslips and Ecco) both access shared databases on the server. I know these were running, and quite well.

Sometime in the last couple of weeks (presumably after an update of some kind) a problem has developed with these two programs, the same problem appearing on each of several client machines. It appears that while they formerly worked fine, now they are reporting that they are having problems locking the shared database.

On the server side, my server dual boots Solydx and Windows XP, and my Solydx client machines are having the problem no matter which OS I boot the server into. On the client machine side I also dual boot Solydx and Windows (7). On the client side, there is a difference. My Windows 7 programs can access the shared databases exactly as before, with no problem. When I boot into Soyldx, however, my crossover/wine programs that used to work fine now report locking problems. Unfortunately I am not sure of the details of the error, but Timeslips reports "Could not establish the network lock file PDOXUSERS.NET needed to open this database. Please confirm that you have access to the program installation directory. Perhaps the directory path has changed, including file mapping. Also consider directory rights."

I am sure that the mapping is correct and the proper files are being found. I am able to use Thunar and Dolphin to navigate to these directories, create files in them, and delete files in them. The problem appears to be something involving locking, and something on the client side rather than the server side (since my windows 7 clients work fine).

My fstab file has the line:

//dellserver/c /mnt/DellserverC cifs username=XXX,password=XXXXXX,uid=XXX,iocharset=utf8 0 0

Can anyone suggest a solution? I know my fstab line was working fine until a week or two ago, but i can certainly attempt to change it if something in samba or cifs has been updated.

thanks for any suggestions

Update Edit: I just noticed that the very same programs running in Crossover on the server itself run just fine, and just as before. So the issue is apparently limited to a solydx client machine accessing the server over the wireless samba/cifs connection.

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