Someting weird happened today watching the Dodgers game on MLB.TV

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Someting weird happened today watching the Dodgers game on MLB.TV

Postby BostonPeng » 21 Apr 2016 19:59

I've got a query for you on an issue that's not specifically a SolydK matter. Today I was watching the Dodgers-Braves game via MLB.TV on Chrome, and I normally mute the speaker during ad breaks because some of the ads on MLB.TV get pretty annoying. Three times today an ad for Kraft Mac & Cheese came on and defeated my muted speaker. It may have happened before but I usually throw the feed to my TV via an HDMI cable but today the game was on MLB Network via the Braves network but I prefer the Dodgers TV folks so I kept the game on my laptop. Does anyone have an idea how this may have happened, and who I should report it to? I let the MLB Fan Support folks on Twitter know but once they heard I run Linux they told me it's not a supported OS and "We cannot guarantee full functionality on any unsupported operating system, thanks." Obviously, I have little faith in their chasing down how it happened so I'd like to throw it to someone who could at least look into how it's done.
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