SolydX to SolydX Samba Connection

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SolydX to SolydX Samba Connection

Postby Matt » 19 Mar 2018 14:44


This message to ask for some help regarding a SolydX to SolydX samba connection. (– note: I have set an NFS connection and all is fine. I would like to use samba in parallel).

Connection from client_1 (Windows 7):
- all is perfectly fine (access/password, read, write). No problem.

PROBLEM = Connection from client_2 (SolydX ; IP:
- Can see the shared folder (Public);
- using Thunar, the owner and group of the shared folder (Public) shows: root:root
- Asks for username and password (popup window), but cannot establish the connection.

Now, here are some more info and what I have done so far...

- username is: matt
- shared folder: /home/matt/Public
- Permissions (~/Public): 755 matt:matt
- The SolydX server requires a password for the connection.
- Server’s IP is:
- ping to client: OK
- set user's password (for matt) using smbpasswd.
- did not change the firewall settings (see later here below)
- edited /etc/smb.conf file (see below)

Code: Select all

server string = Samba Share on SolydX
workgroup = MYNET
netbios name = solydx
interfaces = wlan0
hosts allow = 192.168.1.
security = user
encrypt passwords = yes
guest account = nobody
name resolve order = bcast host wins
locking = yes
include = /etc/samba/smbshared.conf
- edited /etc/smbshared.conf (see below)

Code: Select all

	comment = Public Server
	path = /home/matt/Public/
	browsable = yes
	available = yes
	guest ok = no
	read only = no
	writeable = yes
	public = no
	valid users = matt
- username is: matt
- after several unsuccessful attempts, I removed and reinstalled smbclient and sambashare packages from solydx repository.
- ping to server: OK
- did not change the firewall settings (see later here below).

Here are the firewall settings (same applies on server and client):

Code: Select all

To					Action		From
--					------		----     
CIFS				ALLOW		Anywhere                  
Anywhere			ALLOW		CIFS                      
CIFS (v6)			ALLOW		Anywhere (v6)             
Anywhere (v6)		ALLOW		CIFS (v6) 
Last note: I tried to set the shared folder on the server using SolydX Samba Share module, but it did not help.

I think you have it all. ;)

Thank you very much for your kind support.


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