The Quiet User of SolydXK

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The Quiet User of SolydXK

Postby WayneB » 19 Nov 2017 06:08

Solyd is pronounce "Solid" and the X is for the Xfce desktop environment whereas the K is for the KDE desktop environment which the SolydXK developers seem to support more of the two supported environments Xfce and KDE. So it's a solid implementation of Xfce or KDE on a Debian based system. The developers have roots in Linux Mint KDE.

And solid it is. Not a rolling distribution as you'll learn. The OS will need periodic upgrades every 2 years whereas software upgrades happen weekly and almost daily. It is solid. It does work out of the box. Plays Netflix, YouTube and Amazon videos, what to speak of CDs and DVDs and Blueray support as hardware permits.

I'm happy with it, but now I feel separated from the rolling distros I hated so much before.

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Re: The Quiet User of SolydXK

Postby Schoelje » 19 Nov 2017 08:46

I suppose I can remove this topic because you created this one later?

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