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HOW TO: Solve error (empty entries) in Xfce-menue - alacarte

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 18:17
by hirdel
In new distro 2013/09 standard-menue is the whisker-menue, but sorry I like the old xfce-menue much better
(was going 3 years with XUbuntu before change to SolydX) so I changed it - and installed alacarte to edit it

when doing so, I shut down machine, when booting next time the menue shows an error and shows nothing
but when go with root to console and type alacarte it shows that all entries are still there

this solve my problem:
- go with root-rights to /root/.config/menues/
- cause of a hangdown in alacarte it shows 0 bit - so I delete it
- with next start alacarte is reorganizing itselfs and run proper again

other things like pushing the reset-botton in alacarte-gui did not help

... hope this hint is usefull !

LXDE Main Menu for edit Xfce-menue

Posted: 14 May 2014 12:00
by hirdel
... again I got problems with the xfce-menue.

Now i changed Alacarte with LXDE Main Menu Editor (java but easy to install) and it seems to work better.