Install the latest Canon Printer Driver (includes wifi)

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Install the latest Canon Printer Driver (includes wifi)

Postby gazza » 30 Oct 2013 21:39

This tutorial was created with the help of zerozero.

Canon has a huge range of printers, quiet a few can be accessed via wifi. If you intend to print via wifi you must first setup the printer to use it's wifi. To do that unfortunately I don't know how in linux, you need windows to initialize the printers wifi. Once the printer has it's wifi setup to your router the rest is easy. Keep in mind a wifi printer uses your wifi router to connect to your computer, it does not wifi connect directly to a wifi computer.

First if you have tried to get the printer working already and wish to do this. Remove them from the "Print Settings", this will prevent any conflicts. If you've installed test packages remove them also.

Second you need to get two files, the 'common' package file and your actual printer driver. So you need to know what printer you have. My printer is an MG3160. Research has shown that I need the 3100 series driver. Now that I know this I need to download the two files. I got them from ... hive-extra
there is a link for 64bit or 32bit , I chose the 64bit as I am running 64bit. Choose your platform.
halfway down the page that you are directed to are a heap of drivers for Canon.

First off near the top of the list you will find the 'common' file, in my case I chose.

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Then I went down the list in search of the 3100 series.

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After downloading I opened a terminal where I had saved the files and ran the following commands

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$ sudo gdebi cnijfilter-common-64_3.90-63~quantal1_amd64.deb
$ sudo gdebi cnijfilter-mg3100series-64_3.90-63~quantal1_amd64.deb 
In both cases I answered yes to the question if I wanted to install.

Next connect your printer via usb cable and make sure it is switched on. Then open the Printer Settings dialog in the systems menu and add a printer. It will take a few moments for it to find your printer. Once it is found you can choose the usb connect option or in the "Network" you will see the printer as a wifi connection. If you choose the Network connection it will use the wifi. Once you have printed your test page, you can remove the usb and from then on, you have a wifi network printer.

EDIT: I just made a fresh install of the Solydx 201405 spin. I followed this tutorial and found that I did not have to plug in the usb cable on the last step. The wifi printer was recognised within ten seconds :D
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