Network Access Point connection (Bluetooth)

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Network Access Point connection (Bluetooth)

Postby 17xeros » 13 Mar 2013 23:40

A couple of lines on how to connect to the Internet using a mobile phone and Bluetooth (SolydX).
The Blueman applet takes care of almost everything.
Right click on Bluemn applet on the task bar > Devices.
Click search to find bluetooth available devices.
Choose your phone and click Device > Pair to pair it with the computer.
Clck Trust as well.
Right Click on the Blueman applet > "Local Services" and check the "Network Access Point (NAP)" box.
In "PAN Support" I click the "Blueman" radio button but seems to have no effect (positive of negative), besides next time you open "Local Services" the radio button is back to "Network manager".
Next step is Device > Set-up, but before that
Right click the applet again and choose "Plug-ins"
By default, NMPANsupport plugin box is checked. Uncheck that and check Dhpclient.
Since there is no Network manager in the default SolydX maybe it should be disabled by default and the Dhpclient enabled. The same applies with NMDUNsupport against PPPsuport.
Then from the Blueman widow: Device > Setup > Network Access Point, click Next and you are done ..almost.
Some how everytime one connects to network access point (NAP), the dhpclient does not get an IP address. Have to run n the terminal "sudo dhclient bnep"
I have made a launcher in the panel with that command to click after I connect to NAP.

two more points.
If you change SIM cards in your phone make sure you have the right Internet settings. I got a T-mobile SIM card and it sets the Access Point to "T-Mobile Internet" but that doesn't work, I have to change it to "T-Mobile GPRS".
Also sometimes connection is not possible if the phone has been switch on in one cell (the area covered by the antenna of the operator) but ehn tries to get an IP address from another (as it happens if you are traveling for example). It needs to power off, power on back and then try to connect again.
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