Turn your caps lock key into a control key in XFCE

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Turn your caps lock key into a control key in XFCE

Postby fbr » 21 Mar 2013 17:15

Keep in mind you will lose the functionality of your caps lock key while this is in effect. So, there is probably no point in doing this unless, like me, you use Emacs frequently or find you use control key combinations more frequently than caps lock. Also to repeat, this procedure is for the XFCE desktops.

1) From the main menu select > Sessions And Startup
2) Select the > Application Autostart tab
3) Click on the > Add Button
4) You will then get a dialog box
5) Enter whatever name you like, so you will be able to recognize it later if needed.
6) In the command box enter:

Code: Select all

/usr/bin/setxkb-map -option "ctrl:nocaps"

7) Reboot your system and your caps lock key will now function as your ctrl key

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