Create Root File Manager (Thunar) right click menu option

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Create Root File Manager (Thunar) right click menu option

Postby GNUday » 16 Apr 2014 21:53

You need packages sudo and gksu installed (I believe they are installed by default in SolydX) and be a member of sudo to use this (in SolydX, you are probably in the sudo group already), to add yourself to sudo, become root in a terminal and type:

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gpasswd -a <username> sudo
Open Thunar (aka 'File Manger'), go to Edit/Configure custom actions/click add button (the one with the green + sign on it ;) )...

Name=Open Thunar As Root Here
Description=Open Thunar As Root

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gksudo thunar
Click on the empty icon button/select 'All Icons' in the drop down list/search "root"/select the red root terminal icon...

Critical Post Edit: In the 'Edit Action' dialogue window/Appearance Conditions tab, choose the file types and/or directories affecting when the new right-click menu entry will appear (I checked them all because I always want the root Thunar option to show in the right-click menu). My humble apologies for forgetting this. :oops: (End of critical edit) Click OK and OK again, now right click anywhere in the Thunar 'white space' to test it.

Now when you right click in Thunar, you have a nice (looking) shortcut to system file editing, etc (disclaimer: if you are not sure what your are doing editing config files, it's not a good idea, also, any text editor or program opened from INSIDE 'root' Thunar will be opened in root mode as well, but may look slightly different from when you open the same program(s) as a regular user). :mrgreen:
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