HOWTO: Replace XFWM with Openbox

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HOWTO: Replace XFWM with Openbox

Postby MoldMe » 07 May 2014 23:19

I prefer the menu system used by Openbox over the menu system provided by XFCE. To use Openbox and it's menu system, you need to install Openbox and replace XFWM (XFCE window manager) with Openbox as follows.

01) Install obmenu (this will also install openbox and obconf and two or three other pkgs), by typing the following at the command line:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install obmenu
-- or --
sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude -P install obmenu

02) Use the following link for the next instructions:

03) A reboot may be required.

To access the Openbox menu, right-click anywhere on the desktop.

The openbox menu can be configured via a GUI (obmenu), or by directly editing the menu.xml file under /home/<user>/.config/openbox. If you cannot see the .config folder, make sure you have set the option in your file manager to view hidden files.

Next, we need to set a margin area so that you can access the Openbox menu when you can't click on the desktop.

04) Right-click on the desktop and select ObConf.
05) Select the Margins tab.
06) Set desired margin to at least 2px.


05/07/2014-01 edit: Replaced "via a GUI (obconf)" with "via a GUI (obmenu)". Added instructions for setting a margin area in order to activate the Openbox menu when you cannot click on the desktop. Colorized some of the text.

05/10/2014-01 edit: Removed comment about not being able to edit the execute field in obmenu. I wasn't able to edit the field because I copied an existing menu from another distro where the XML command tag was used instead of the execute tag.

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