Automount and Autoplay CD's and DVD's

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Automount and Autoplay CD's and DVD's

Postby Glenn101 » 31 May 2014 14:22

This is not much of a tutorial. I am just posting something that is working for me. I wanted to have DVD's and CD's automounted and have an application pop up and start playing the CD/DVD when I inserted it. I tried using Thunar and setting it up under Thunar's volume management plugin. That worked, sometimes, but it was erratic.
After googling around and trying various suggestions, I finally found something that works, at least for me. I found a site by a guy who calls himself the "Ignorant Guru", but he seems to be anything but ignorant. He has developed a utility called "udevil" and "devmon" which is in the Debian and Solydxk repos. He has a tutorial on his site at :

He gives a very good description of the utilities and how to use them on that page. I downloaded "udevil" via synaptic. Devmon is part of the udevil package. I altered the script slightly to start thunar instead of spacefm and ouila!, when I insert a movie dvd or a music cd, vlc pops up and starts playing the media.
I put this script in my startup file for XFCE and Icewm. (I confess that I use Icewm mostly.)
devmon --exec-on-drive "thunar %d" --exec-on-disc "thunar %d" --exec-on-video "vlc --verbose=-1 dvd://%f" --exec-on-audio "vlc --verbose=-1 cdda://%f" &

So far, it is working well. (I did get rid of the autofs utility because it messed with my permissions.)

I hope that this helps someone.


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