Plymouth-- (solar with solyd logo)

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Plymouth-- (solar with solyd logo)

Postby J.Jay » 22 Apr 2013 15:53

Was just messing around... :D

Like the 'solar' plymouth theme. But think the 'solydx' is cool.
Found if you copy the solyd logo from its theme and delete the 'debian-logo.png in the parent directory then rename the solydx logo to debian-logo, the effect it neat.

You get the solar plymouth but with a solydx logo instead of the red debian one. 8-)

Maybe a 'no-brainier (but I got excited) :mrgreen:

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Re: Plymouth-- (solar with solyd logo)

Postby Jett » 12 May 2014 21:10

Hi J.Jay!
I like the solar theme too! I was also messin' around with it and did this to the sun.
Check out my post:
I am stuck there. Maybe we could combine our efforts and improve it even more. I can send my sun file if you want it.

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