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[TUT]: how to make your laptop into wifi hotspot by using network manager

Posted: 04 Aug 2017 08:12
by kurotsugi
1. another internet connection (ex: ethernet, usb).
2. a wifi adapter with "ap" functionality. almost new wifi card did, but to make sure, run "sudo iw list" and see if you have this functionality.

1. make sure that you correctly installed network manager.
2. install dnsmasq-base, hostapd, and bridge-utils.

1. right click on network manager applet.
2. select edit connection. add new connection.
3. select wifi.
4. click wifi tab, enter your SSID name
5. on mode, select "hotspot".
6. click wifi security, select WPA personal
7. enter your password.
8. save the setting.

1. first of all, you need to be connected to internet via another port.
2. left click on network manager applet.
3. connect to hidden network. select your SSID.
4. click connect.