Saving torrent to network location

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Saving torrent to network location

Postby jbiddy » 11 Jun 2014 21:20

Is there a way to save the contents of a torrent to a network location? I'm using Transmission-qt and SolydK.

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Re: Saving torrent to network location

Postby GNUday » 14 Jun 2014 05:31

If you have network locations enabled in your file manager already, they should appear in Transmission's 'save to' dialogue.

Theoretically it should work as long as every time you open Transmission, it has access to that network location/folder and the 'address' never changes. What you are proposing could be awfully slow unless you have an extremely fast network. I know that's not a very concrete answer, just a stab in the dark.

Edit: Keep in mind that during the downloading ('pieces' or 'chunks' of the torrent), Transmission 'shares' (uploads) what you've got already, that could present an issue, unless you are able to turn off 'sharing' (download only, NO uploading) temporarily.
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