Setting up Remmina with Windows 10 Home Edition

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Setting up Remmina with Windows 10 Home Edition

Postby trinidad » 03 Aug 2016 17:26

If there is any interest here, Remmina and Samba work perfectly for me on the newest SolydX (with all updates) that I installed a week or two ago to test out, via a wifi home network. I am able to work quite efficiently on the Windows 10 Home Edition remote desktop produced on my SolydX desktop with all administrator privileges in Windows, and the smb flie sharing. My next project is to configure private WebDAV server nodes for SolydX and Windows home to enable direct sharing via libreoffice. I have posted a written tutorial on the subject at the Linux Lite forum here: ... ws10-home/

I'll be writing another for the WebDav solution soon if I am successful.

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