32 bit X version

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32 bit X version

Postby uberzilla » 21 Oct 2016 17:37

Just an observation. I am still fairly new to SolydX. I did a brief test of the 64 bit before moving on to test LXLE. LXLE 16.04 was a big step up from prior version IMHO and it is now one of may favorite - light and fast yet complete basic out of box. Of course i am not here to blab about the virtues of another distro - rather - now that I am back testing SolydX - I went with 32bit - because I have a few old laptops Dell D_20 in 6 and 8 and a couple D430s. So 64 bit will not get me any advantage on these - in fact just eat up extra ram for no real tangeable advantage so - 32bit is better in these cases - in my opinion. So now I have loaded 32bit SolydX and the idle ram usage just after start up indicates only 164 megs of ram usage (with task manager open to see ram usage) - which equals LXLE which is running the lighter LXDE desktop - albeit with an added tool bar in stock installation. So this is very impressive to see an XFCE done so streamlined.
Again only thing that gets appreciably lighter is Bodhi using their version of enlightenment which on the same test D430 runs an insane 110 megs of ram with task manager open to see ram usage.

Another member, kurotsugi, kindly gave me info on upgrading the kernel which I will attempt to do so as to be able to use my better drawing tablet.

Anyway fast - efficient.

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