Accidentally removed Solydx icon from screen !

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Re: Accidentally removed Solydx icon from screen !

Postby Zill » 03 Jan 2017 17:04

hmh: Hopefully, the chap who installed it will be able to explain what has happened.

While you will certainly be welcome on the Mint forums (as you are here!), I do recommend that you stay clear of the Debian forums.

Some of the software on your system is based on Debian but the actual distro, Mint, is a derivative of Debian. The Debian forums are intended for users who run pure Debian systems and the folks there are notorious for being rather "unfriendly" to users of derivative distros such as Mint, Ubuntu or SolydXK!

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Re: Accidentally removed Solydx icon from screen !

Postby kurotsugi » 03 Jan 2017 17:07

IIRC mint main version comes with 4 flavour. cinnamon, mate, kde, xfce. the two later exist as community edition and still regularly maintained. though, they were not as famous as mate and cinnamon edition. someone could easily install solydxk icons on top of mint xfce since the icon packages were distro agnostic.

anyway, the solution would be easy. whisker should be available in the mint/ubuntu repo. I highly recommend to use it. it's lot better than the old menu. you can follow Zill's guide on how to add it into your panel. but first, you seems forgot to unlock the panel. unlock the panel and you'll ready to go.

last but not least, you might not using a solydxk but you're still a member of linux family. you're welcomed to come here anytime for anything. linux knowledge are universal so we might could handle some of your inquiries. though, as Zill pointed, it might better if you also join mint forum for mint specific inquiries. mint also has nice community so just like solydxk so I believe you'll feel at home there too.

EDIT : to avoid confusion, mint is based on ubuntu, not debian. ubuntu was historicaly a debian derivative but on these days ubuntu is more like a sibling of debian. the system structure and management are different. this is important because mint also has debian version. since you're using regular mint, you can go to Ubuntu forums too, but not debian forums.

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Re: Accidentally removed Solydx icon from screen !

Postby behrami » 10 Jan 2017 08:52

This might be an overreaction, however you can restart windows to how it was at a certain point in time. That could potentially work for you.

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Re: Accidentally removed Solydx icon from screen !

Postby ilu » 10 Jan 2017 13:57

I'm not sure what "windows" you are talking about here. Please understand that this forum is about using SolydXK which is Linux. Your suggestion won't help the OP.

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Re: Accidentally removed Solydx icon from screen !

Postby trinidad » 10 Jan 2017 15:19

Judging from your posted info, and your mysterious question there are several possible diagnoses, and several possible answers. I will list a few suggestions.

1) Check your grub menu for multiple kernels, and/or multiple OS’s. In the case of Mint kernels you may need to load an earlier kernel from the menu with less SID dependencies. In the case an entry for Solydx appears choose it rather than Mint. The SolydX entry may be an ISO or an OS as either can be loaded from grub.

2) Or: CAREFULLY - Look in your file system for /boot/grub/grub.cfg and open it with a text editor to scroll through its contents taking note of kernels and OSs or ISOs. Any SoldyX entry is the one you want to boot from but you will have to select it from the grub menu when it appears during bootup.

3) Look on your Mint desktop for the presence of the gnome boxes application and open it to see if the SolydX ISO or OS is listed there and click on it.

4) It may be that your computer repairman (if he was fairly talented) used bash to add just the SolydX desktop to your Mint system, and in that case you will simply have to boot from the correct kernel. It is likely to be one of the older kernels in the list, probably not the one from your posted info. First look for a Mint entry without SID dependencies. OR, you can first try opening a terminal and typing startsolydx and see what happens, or maybe startsolydxde. Nothing will break if the command is invalid. You may have to add sudo though that is unlikely if your computer repairman has put the alternative desktop in user space which I suspect he would, since it is easily done in Mint with its unique permissions structure.

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