Solved Button, or Standard way to mark as solved

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Solved Button, or Standard way to mark as solved

Postby longtomjr » 27 Mar 2013 12:14

Solved Button:
I don't know how hard it will be to implement this into the forum. It will be only able to solve a thread when you are the author or a moderator. It will be good if it is available in the search to just search for solved threads. When a topic is marked "solved" it will have a way of showing it when browsing through topics... for example: [SOLVED] my topic. I know this is not a Question an answer site so it would be best if it is just available in the Question Boards. Maybe there can be a Solved Rating and everyone that contributed to the thread get +1 on their solved rating...(I don't realy know if this must be implemented...

Standard way to mark as solved:
If the above will take to much time or is impossible it would be nice to have a way that is the same for all posts to mark them as solved. This can be put in the text above the new-post or reply window page thingy... I would suggest thisd way: [SOLVED] the topic title. This you can see fist that there is no need to help anymore or you can see that there will be help that works...
Also... I know there is not an Army of moderators here but when the above have been decided the moderators must mark everything as solved...

I suggest that if this is to be done, it will be the best if we do it early to save a lot of extra work...

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remember to mark your topics [SOLVED] after it HAS been solved

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