This is not the title to the thread I started

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Re: This is not the title to the thread I started

Postby albert.wagner » 06 Aug 2018 01:30


I sometimes get the feeling that you only skim and never read carefully my posts. Think about it:

I unknowingly bought a new computer that contained a graphics capability that was beyond reach of Solydx. I have no way to run Solydx on that new computer. So there was no decision to be made.

However, I say again, I do run Solydx on my six year old computer.

Now, you can whine that I could, like you, perform major surgery on Soldyx and force it to run; But, quite simply, I lack your youth and the skill that you have. So, I MUST wait for Solydx, following Debian, to be able to run Solydx on my new computer. And changing the title to my thread was more than a little misleading, as I had no idea when I started what the solution was.

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Re: This is not the title to the thread I started

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 06 Aug 2018 08:35

I have read this topic and cannot find any disrespect or bad intentions in ilu's comments. I only see a helping hand. Unfortunately, in this case age does not seem to come with empathy.

I feel I must repeat myself: we try to help, not to hurt anybody's feelings.

As there are no questions in your last post I am going to close this topic.

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