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PC upgrade

Postby xendistar » 07 Dec 2018 22:28

I am intending to do some hardware upgrades to my PC over the xmas period and was after a couple of pointer for those who have been there and done that, I am currently running SolydX

Upgrade 1: I intend to fit a SSD in place of one of the existing 3.5" hard disk which is the current boot disk. I intend to keep at least two conventional hard disks in the PC along with the SSD as the boot disk. As my PC only has Sata 2 I am also getting a Sata3 internal card, I am reliably told that you can boot from drives connected to this card and it works in linux, TBC. What I am after is a good Debian based how to for setting up the SSD, I know about moving high level write files off to conventional disk (swap, /var/log etc.), but I am looking for more information on the setup within Debian.

Upgrade 2: I have a Nvidia GT730 and a AMD RS230, I know neither of them is going to set the world on fire but which one do you think is the best. I am also intending to run twin monitors can anybody point me to a good howto for setting up twin monitors please (part of the reason I need to change the graphics card so I can run twin monitors).

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Re: PC upgrade

Postby ilu » 08 Dec 2018 16:34

If you get the sata card from amazon, check the comments about linux compatibility. If you get it from somewhere else still check comments :-)

I think you can leave the SSD setup to the SolydX installer. Arjen did a lot to optimize settings. Just tell the installer to use a swap partition and /var/log on one of the harddisks. I would then edit fstab and comment out the parts that move log files into tmpfs - I prefer to have logs that survive a reboot.

Regarding the dual monitor setup: I used arandr (if I remember correctly as described here https://miguelmenendez.pro/en/blog/2015 ... op-mirror/ when the site wasn't completely distorted). After some fumbling and with some compromises the setup works well, just evince is giving me a headache (there's a thread about the evince problem somewhere on the forum).
A different approach without arandr but probably the same result here http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2011/12/how-t ... -xfce.html.

Do you mean AMD R5 230? https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/comp ... 2906vs3885 says the nVidia card is better in 3D performance but since both cards won't rock anything in 3D (and the AMD benchmark with 3 samples is probably wrong anyway) I would go for convenience and take AMD because the open source radeon driver is much better than the nvidia equivalent.

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