Blank screen, installation and update trouble, Linux critisizm

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Blank screen, installation and update trouble, Linux critisizm

Postby schlafesbruder » 09 Sep 2019 08:16

I am no more asking for answers, nobody has to feel responsible for replying. This is just critisizm, feel free to delete my words at any time, like others do.
I just switched from about 20 other Linuxes to recommended SolydXK, because supposedly stable. But it is the same with every Linux I have been using on different machines, after a couple of updates everything turns bad. And after weeks of unsuccessful trying to troubleshoot, as a non-nerd who has only spent part of his life in front of computers since the 80s, I am forced to give up and install yet another one. And there will always be another one, and another...
Gave up on trying to install Solyd KDE, just a blank screen appears after the logo is shown for the first time. And I could live with almost every Linux as long as it works, but XK only worked fine for a few days. Then it started turning off once in a while, showing a blank screen with cursor.
After yesterday's update, machine broke down. First thing in the morning, machine started turning off again.
So, what is the trick? How do you get a stable system, is there such thing with Linux? To me, Linux is a chaotic huge construction site with countless freelance workers, everybody doing what he wants, and because they are working for free there is no guarantee and no real support - and if you find a manual, it just a collection of bad links leading to more trouble.
And it is with the Bible before Luther, the language can only be understood by insiders who have been initiated.
So, if one wonders why not everybody is using Linux - The answer can not be "that is because they have not found the one suitable for their needs, let's create another one!"
As long as Linux is running, everything is fine. but what, if not? And if you do not have a nerd in your circle, if you can't buy a new computer every year? In my neck of the woods, there are no Linux specialists.
Linux is recommended for older computers. The people who own older models are often the ones, who are not nerds. So you want to set them up on Linux, and after 3 days they are stuck. What then? They switch back to Windows, if they can.
I know a lot of people who are not happy with Windows, but I tell them not to change a running system, not to try Linux because they will end up with no computer at all.
I gave up on trying to get any printer - no matter what manufacturer - to work on Linux. Nowadays, I do all my writing (lots) by hand. In 2019.
And, Linux can wreck hardware and delete data, another issue I will not get further into.
My solution -
1. Open window
2. Check if there is anybody in front
3. Throw machine out of window
4. Make sure it is dead by hitting it with hammer or such like, as hard and as often as you can
5. While you are out there, enjoy the sunshine! Feel the nature, the wind on your skin! That is reality.
Not this blank digital world, it will only make you ill.
Best Regards
Another disillusioned Linux victim

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Re: Blank screen, installation and update trouble, Linux critisizm

Postby ilu » 09 Sep 2019 14:00

More than 90% of computers nowadays work with Linux and they work fine. Neither hardware gets wrecked nor data deleted. From what you are writing I'm guessing defective hardware.
If you are having trouble with SolydXK you could always ask for support but you chose not to do that. That's ok, but this support forum is not a place for meaningless rants. Please take your general frustration elsewhere.

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