Updating from a beta

Questions about SolydX and SolydK installation.
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Updating from a beta

Postby eselma » 09 Oct 2019 18:57

Installed SolyK beta in August on my desktop (MSI A55-G41 64 bit with AMD A10-6800K APU @ 4,1 GHz + Radeon HD Graphics).
Did not use the upgrading script (from SolydK9), used a fresh install, only adding the required packages.
Up to now, no issues, all runs fine. Of course, I've been updating all packages from then.
First comment: kudos to Arjen and all the team. This is one of the best and finest distros I've used.

Presume now I am already in the new version (SolydK 10). My question: is advisable to load / unload new necessary / redundant packages?

Thanks in advance.

Eduard Selma.

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Re: Updating from a beta

Postby ilu » 09 Oct 2019 20:52

We did some major cleanup in August, see here: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=7567. Although the title says SolydX most of it was applied to SolydK as well. You might want to look for some of the removed packages on your system or not - depends on you. It was a lot of work and things might break. So, maybe not?

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