Small Glitch in SolydX32 install from USB stick

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Small Glitch in SolydX32 install from USB stick

Postby greywolf » 01 Mar 2013 02:44

Installed SolidX32 on a slightly older test machine last night and had one small glitch to report.

This machine has a number of 20Gb partitions on it, where I put each install I am testing (with no separate /home), a shared swap partition and a distinct, shared '/data' partition. This /data partition is where the videos, Documents, music, etc. etc folders are found. So, on any install the user /home only has Desktop & downloads as "real" folders with all the other being links to the /data partition.

Consequently, on an install I set the partition to use for / (to be formatted); swap is detected and /data is detected but needs editing to set the mount point. This is what is not working on the Xfce installer!

When editing the partition details the mount point is blank and you can usually use the drop-down or simply type in /data in my case. However, the blank field is not accepting any input other than from choosing a drop-down entry (other than blank). If you leave it blank and continue the install, you end up with an error condition in your /etc/fstab file because the relevant detected partition has a field missing in its setup line. Turn off Plymouth to see the error message.

This can be fixed post install by (as root) creating a folder /data, name & permissions to suit you; then manually edit the /etc/fstab file to fill in the missing field and reboot.

So, this is not a show-stopper, but,

1st, I would think it may in fact go much further upstream as a problem - I am not sure how much if anything you do to the installer code; and,

2nd, it may not affect most users anyway, but, seeing as how I set my partitions up the RIGHT :) way, I thought I should report it!!

I don't know about the SolydK version of the installer because I got that via your mega-conversion script.

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